Sharon Davern

Sharon Davern

Front Desk and Kids Fitness Coach


I work and train full time at SBG Tullamore. I love my job looking after new and current members, managing the social media on a daily basis, and I teach the KidFit classes. My favourite part of the job is helping our members with diet and nutrition. I over see the weights and measurement of members, and help them hit their targets through nutrition plans and consistently weighing and measuring them.

I am a blue belt in Brazilian jiu Jitsu, which was awarded to me by Head Coach, Kieran Davern in December 2018. I took part in the first series of Wimp 2 Warrior Tullamore and had my first cage fight through the programme, which I won. I loved taking part in Wimp 2 Warrior and cannot wait to get into the cage again.
In 2018, I won three gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions and in 2019, I took part in Grapple Kings 3 in Portlaoise and won my bout my decision. I also won a gold and silver medal in the IBJJF Irish Open in May 2019. 

I also love to train CrossFit and compete and up until September 2019 I was competing at an intermediate level, now I have begun to compete at RX Level. So far in 2019; I have reached the podium in three competitions. 

-Midlands Throwdown Partner Roulette 2nd place

-Irish Fitness Championship 1st place (Partner Marie Kennedy)

-Midlands Throwdown Individual 1st place

 I love training CrossFit, it challenges me every day and helps me set new goals. It has helped me get into the best shape I have ever been. I love the community feel within CrossFit, I have found a second family and home at the gym and made lots of new friends. I’ve gained so much confidence which I struggled with for a long time not believing in myself.

Funny Facts about me- 

  • I am obsessed with pineapples (I even have a pineapple tattoo)
  • I eat broccoli and porridge for my breakfast 
  • I hate clowns, I am terrified of them!
  • I hate my feet a I have a hammertoe!