John McCormack

John McCormack


John first started martial arts for self-defence when he was 12 by taking up Karate for about 2 months and then left to join the boxing club in Portlaoise. After that he left training in martial arts to go back to playing soccer untilhe  went back to martial arts when he was 20. At this time, John trained with Tom Delaney for 3 years training and coaching. During this period he studied Thai Boxing in limerick under master PJ Bennis. He competed in countless light continuous competitions and went as far as brown belt.

John started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu once a week with Mick Aldridge of Athy BJJ around this time because he knew that to be safe in a fight he had to be knowledgeable wherever a fight goes. As time went on he realised how much more movement and control is needed for grappling arts which led him to focus on grappling more. From there, John wanted to mix up all the arts and with the introduction of an MMA club in Portlaoise he trained there under John Ging and this is where he met Kieran Davern. John had his first MMA fight under John Ging on June 11, 2011 on the same card as his training partners (Kieran Davern, Charlie Ward and main event Conor McGregor) and won via first round KO.

In September of that year, John moved to Australia where he trained Thai Boxing with Don Miller at the Supafight team, Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Nexus BJJ and wrestling with 4-time Olympian Ali Abdo at the Melbourne Wrestling Academy. He  Lived there for 2 years and gained a lot of experience training with now UFC vets and BJJ champions such as Jake Mathews, Burak Sarmen, Murat Karadenizli and Ali Abdo. John received his Blue belt under Murat in 2012. Since then he have received 3 more stripes under Kieran.

John left Australia in 2013 and since then has trained with Kieran. John was over the kickboxing programme for a while until college and work commitments made it hard to commit so he decided to take a step back from Kickboxing. John had his second MMA fight under Kieran while also working with David Harney on his boxing skills. John has been over the Wrestling classes at SBG Tullamore now for over 2 years and he loves coaching. John finds this to be the one the most effective arts and its great to pass on tried and tested techniques and concepts.


Career and Goals

Up until John came back from Australia, he worked in the construction industry and when he came home he decided I wanted to work with athletes so John started his career as a Strength and Conditioning coach. John studied in Portlaoise for 2 years where he received his gym instruction and personal training certificates. He then went on to LIT where he is currently in my 3rdyear of a Sports Strength and Conditioning degree which involves the study of psychology, nutrition, coaching philosophy and athletic development (weight lifting, athletic testing).

During this time, John managed to get away from construction now for 4 years and have been working as a personal trainer with athletes’ rehabilitation, strength and clients from public in weight loss and lifestyle changes.

When he qualifies, John will get more experience abroad working with athletes from different sports to broaden my knowledge of performance for athletes then return and open a facility to cater for these needs in Ireland.

In his martial arts career, he will compete in some grappling comps and train towards his black belt in BJJ as John sees this as such a massive reward and life accomplishment.




Certifications and Accomplishments


  • 3 stripe blue belt
  • Brown belt Kickboxing
  • MMA record 1-1
  • ITEC Gym instruction certificate
  • ITEC Personal training cert
  • ITEC Nutrition
  • Setanta Functional Movement Screening cert
  • Child welfare certificate
  • Spin Instructor cert
  • Weightlifting cert