Why we wrestle:

  • To improve our takedowns for Jiu Jitsu and MMA
  • To be great at more than one martial art, which happens to be one of the oldest martial arts in the world.
  • Because it’s fun and why not
  • Be capable of defending ourselves if the need arises
  • Learn new techniques.
  • Do a martial art that most people in Ireland are completely unaware of.

Benefits of wrestling

  • Builds cardio
  • Builds strength more so than muscle
  • Teaches you self control
  • Brilliant for the mind
  • Gateway to new friends and training partners
  • Full body workout including the mind
  • Builds a community based on family, friendship and respect.
  • Teaches you to use your energy as efficiently as possible
  • Ensures confidence
  • Builds determination and motivation
  • Only using body leverages and pins so no strikes
  • Helps you understand why we move our bodies a particular way
  • Effective form of self defense.

A typical wrestling class.

Warm up – jogging stretching, some wrestling exercises and a wrestling game.

Main technique/lesson – a double leg takedown or defense, depending on the week it could be different takedowns and escapes.

Wrestling rounds – wrestling rounds for those who are experienced enough to wrestle, nobody is made to wrestle unless both the coach and student are good to go.