Meet Our Coaches

Kieran Davern

Kieran was submerged in martial arts from the very young age of 7. His father practiced martial arts and enrolled Kieran in Karate and boxing. In time that lead to kickboxing and eventually MMA. It was there where Kieran became acquainted with Jiu Jitsu and his passion blossomed.

Kieran, Head Coach at SBG Tullamore is an SBG Brown Belt under Coach John Kavanagh following being promoted in October of 2016. It is coaching, learning and training that brings Kieran the most joy as well as watching his students learn and grow on and off the mat.

Kieran has travelled the world training Jiu Jitsu and over the past 2 years he has visited the very best teams across the globe; Marcelo Garcia Academy NY, Renzo Gracie NY, 10th Planet HQ LA, Mjolnir Iceland, Ralph Gracie SF & Phuket Top Team.

Here’s what Coach John Kavanagh had to say about Kieran after promoting him to Brown belt:

“It’s not every day you award a Brown Belt in BJJ. I’ve only ever handed out a handful and few more deserving than this evening to Kieran Davern from SBG Tullamore. Physically one of the best Iron man sessions I’ve witnessed, submitting 27 tough Jiu Jitsu players in a row with no breaks. But as important as that is, the more impressive accomplishment is the positive impact him and his family have had on their local community. I won’t go into details but i will say people don’t join their local tennis or golf club because they’re dealing with debilitating bullying. I don’t think I’ve ever visited another gym where so many people pulled me aside to say they’ve been so positively impacted by the coach. I’m just proud to have Kieran wear an SBG patch because I know what brought me to martial arts and I know how much I would have benefited from having him as my coach” Coach John Kavanagh

His most prestigious accomplishments on the Irish circuit over the last year include;

1. NAGA Ireland – NoGi NAGA 85kg Champion, Expert Division, 2016
2. ADCC Ireland – Silver Medalist, 2016.
3. DCU Submission Only – Gold Medalist, Expert Division, 2015
4. Midland Open Sub only- Gold 2016